Who am I? What defines me? What is my style? What do I stand for? If prompted, could I describe myself to a complete stranger and leave them with an understanding of me? I was recently inspired by this post from the ever lovely Tara from blondiensc. Tara's post was focused more on questioning her style but it got me thinking about several of the areas in our lives that are often labeled and the more I pondered, the more confused I ended up! So, I decided to try and break it down into smaller areas of my life in order to make some sense of the chaos!
As far as my personal style goes, it is almost non-existent at the moment! When I was in the Marine Corps it was so easy! I would wear camouflage utilities and combat boots everyday. There was no thinking involved, and don't get me started on hairstyles! Putting it up everyday certainly took the guesswork out of the "what to do with this hair" issue!

That's me on the right during a promotion ceremony, and yes, I have heard more of the "your momma wears combat boots" jokes then I could ever care to count! I just knew that when I got out of the Marine Corps I would get to wear pretty, feminine, clothing daily! Yeah, right. This past year my daily "uniform" mainly consists of blue jeans and t-shirts (I have always been a blue jean and t-shirt type of girl), and work-out clothing. Mainly the workout clothing (still trying to lose the "baby-fat"). Can you still call it "baby-fat" a year later? I would so love to wear a pretty, vintage dress like this one:

Unfortunately, for me, pretty vintage dresses don't go too well with sticky little fingers and really, I would just look ridiculous cleaning house in one anyway! Now, before I get too way off the subject, pretty and girlie is only one style I love. I also feel at home in a pair of old jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of old cowboy boots! Talk about comfortable and so very Texan. I just love the Junk Gypsy stuff and that couldn't be any different from the frilly, girlie, 50's style vintage dress look!
This past year I have been trying (I say this very loosely) to get my house in order ever since we moved in. We bought a house in Texas and moved in two weeks after having Amelia. I wouldn't suggest that you EVER make a cross-country trip with a newborn less than two weeks old, much less move move into a new home. CRAZY! Let's just say that I am now (a year later) finally finished unpacking the final box. Anyway, I am slowly trying to piece together our nest. The biggest problem I have had is trying to determine the style I want to go with. I have so much inspiration and I sort of know what direction I'm going with however, picking out paint colors has been hard. Maybe I will show some before and after pictures once I have things looking like I want them to.
Okay, this post is getting way too out of control! Where am I going with this? I guess what I am really trying to say is that as women, we often try to label ourselves and put ourselves into certain categories. I will never be one of those women that fits into just one category. I am multi-faceted and constantly changing from one day to the next. I try to keep my mind open and allow myself to try things out of the ordinary for me. I hope I never change.

p.s. Wow this was way off track from where I started out! Too much coffee today.



tara September 7, 2009 at 11:38 PM  

I think it is important to not have a label that sticks. I am a mom, I am a career woman, I am a photographer, I am a writer and some days I am a total dork...see one label is not enough to describe who we are and that is great! I loved this post Alison...and keep evolving and moving to figure out who you really are, it is a life long journey, enjoy the ride! :)


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