Summer Loving !!

We love summer!  The Texas heat and humidity, not so much.  Actually, I will take the heat over freezing cold temperatures any day!  Honestly though, the heat here is a little bit ridiculous.  My girls are not indoor people, I cannot keep them inside!  Thank goodness they didn't inherit their mama's freckled, fair-skin.  I love being outside, but hate having to live in a constant lather of sunscreen!  No, my kids get these lovely, golden tans in the summertime and look like they should be sitting on a California beach.  Meanwhile, my legs are glowing like a pale, white light, with an occasional freckle scattered here and there!  To beat the heat, our summers are filled with lots of swimsuits and cold treats.

My budding, little-fashionista in the making.  Seriously, this girl pairs up the craziest things.  The funny thing is: she makes them work!  If only I had her fashion sense!  I love seeing her personality developing a little bit more each day!

The girls spend lots of time in their swimsuits and sunglasses. They make so many cute sunglasses for kids nowadays!  Somehow, she always winds up on wheels.

I love the innocent confidence that children have.  Oh, to walk around all day, in a swimsuit, with no regard as to how you may look!  I hope my girls always keep that child-like self-confidence.  

Texas summer’s would not be the same without a good old-fashioned sno-ball.  We have the best sno-ball place around with flavors from dill pickle to chocolate cream.  My girls are partial to the bubble gum flavored ones! 

Of course, the occasional sno-cone is fine too! 

Never underestimate the value of a good ice pop.  Especially, if you can color-coordinate it with your outfit!

Nothing brings back childhood memories like running through a sprinkler on a scorching day!  Swimsuits optional. 

One of my favorite things about summer, all the beautiful flowers blooming!  These are my first zinnias, and they are oh so lovely.  How is your summer going?



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