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So, this morning was one of those mornings when I automatically couldn't fathom how I was going to make it thru the day. You see I have a bit of an insomnia problem and last night was a rough one! I really need to have someone check this out because it is getting to be a problem, especially when I have a precocious, almost one-year-old to chase around all day. Anyway, as much as I am trying to lay off the coffee, this morning I was really going to need the java. I wonder if I could have it ran straight thru an IV line into my veins? Until then, I have to take it the good old-fashioned way. Thus came the dilemma of selecting just the right size of cup for the right amount of coffee to keep me upright.

Do I pick the "regular" size, pretty blue cup? Nope, not this morning. This one wouldn't even begin to deliver the amount of caffeine needed to get me going.

Do I go with the medium sized cup? This is actually a larger sized cup. This picture really doesn't show the actual size of this cup. This is like a huge, cafe-sized cup that coffee comes in at cute little coffee shops. I don't know if this will cut it for today though! It was a very long night!

Now, this baby here, wow! This cup is only for the worst of mornings! This cup has been used many times in the past year since my birdie was born. I saw this cup a few years back while on vacation at Disney World, and just had to have it! I would have to venture and say that this cup has saved my life on numerous occasions! Seriously, this cup holds like 30 ounces of coffee! This cup can be dangerous if not used wisely.

I ended up going in the middle today. This cup can hold about 16-20 ounces and worked out okay! I still wasn't on the top of my game today and probably could have went with the biggest cup. I was moving sluggish and my reflexes were slower than normal. As a result, my little one ended up with her first TWO goose eggs. She is almost at the point where she is walking independently however, she still holds on to things and walks. This morning while I was nursing my coffee, she toppled a dining room chair over right on her nogging! I felt so bad for the poor thing and I honestly think that it hurt me more than it did her. Isn't if funny how resilitant children are? She was up and going about two minutes later! I was still feeling bad about her poor bumps two hours later.

I know that this is only the beginning of the bumps and bruises for this one. She is a climber, so we will be very blessed if she ends up with just bumps and bruises!

Okay, the brain is starting to get foggy again. Off to get more coffee!



Anonymous July 10, 2009 at 11:14 AM  

Oh boy, is she not a cutie or what? Coffee, hummm not something I am used to, I lived on Diet coke! Ever tried tylenol pm's for the insomnia?? :) those knock me out!

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