Busted... (part 1)

Everyday it is something new with this one! She is learning how to get into everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING! For the second time this week, she has somehow found my wallet. I usually stick it in her diaper bag because it is way easier to just carry a diaper bag rather than a diaper bag and a purse. Anyway, said diaper bag was left on the floor and Amelia has a growing fascination with bags. Especially if they contain cool things that can be pulled out and strewn about! So, this is the scene that I happened upon today:

Gee, I wonder what all of these plastic shiny things are!

*note it really looks like I have a ton of credit cards, but really these are mostly store savings cards and stuff like that! Really...

Hmm... this one looks interesting!

If only the favorite cat would take notice and put an end to this violation!

Drats! He notices, only he pretends like he doesn't!

Okay, now it's getting personal! She is looking over a receipt! Is she spying? Perhaps for Daddy?

I wonder what the limit is on this one?

What? Could it be? The favorite cat is actually on the lookout for her? Oh, the betrayal! I really never saw this coming!

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Anonymous June 28, 2009 at 11:27 PM  

oh my goodness, she is adorable, and that cat is too much! My son tries to get in my wallet too, I always tell him no, so now he gives it to me and asks for gum, really at 2...they are too smart for their own good! so funny! XO

Kasey June 29, 2009 at 5:28 AM  

yup.....she is pretty darn cute....

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